Matt Ess & Erik S / DJs / Producers / Label owners
 eriks MattEss
BIO: We met in 2008 and we both understand that we’re on the same wavelength. Our style is Dark and Deep Techno. Together we play only like Live Act with Ableton.
In year 2013 founded label Ex-tract Records. Where released best dark techno producers around the world. Also you can hear regular podcasts at DI.FM.com/techno in show X-tract Podcast Night In 2010 we created the first album titled Resurection, and in 2012 was released in Luxembourg label Contrast-R. Now we are finished the second album Scary Numbers which will be release by the start of 2014 on the German label Brachial Kontakt which is primarily focused on dark techno. This year we are also remixed artists such as Makarov & Steen, MasimoMilano and Garett Dillon.

2012 Resurrection |Contrast Records|
2013 Morpheus |Ex-tract Records|
2013 Out Of Control |Ex-tract Records|
2014 Scary Numbers |Brachial Kontakt|
2014 Travel To Space |Naughty Pills Records|
2013 Steve Masterson – Rejected (Matt Ess & Erik S Remix)
2013 Erik S – Morpheus ( Matt Ess Remix)
2013 Makarov & Sten – Grove Divide B (Mat Es Remix)2013 MasimoMilanO – Ful Destruction (Matt Ess & Erik S Remix)
2013 Garet Dilon – Abhorence (Matt Ess & Erik S Remix)
2014 Amir Razanica – Intersection (Matt Ess & Erik S Remix)
Various Artists:
V.A: Colapse |Busines Class Records|
2013 Matt Ess – Infect (Original Mix)
2013 Matt Ess – Statik (Original Mix)

V.A.: Artist & Sounds 3 |Contrast Records|
2013 Matt Ess – Conflict (Original Mix)

V.A.: Next Station: TECHNO |Ex-tract Records|
2013 Matt Ess & Erik S – Lokomotiva (Original Mix)

V.A.: Graviton Techno, Vol. 4 |Graviton Audio|
2014 Matt Ess – Dark Side (Original Mix)

V.A.: Next Station: Techno Vol.2 |Ex-tract Records|
2014 Tresler vs. Matt Ess & Erik S – Let’s Go Techno



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Kuros Chimenes / DJ / Producer
 Kuros Chimenes
BIO: Czech Techno/Hardtechno DJ and recently also producer born in 1985 was always interested in music, but when he got in touch with techno, he found new passion. After years of listening and attending parties he told himself „I would do it different“ and bought his first decks and records and started training. As time went on he wanted to play his own tracks and started producing… now you can hear the result!
Contact : BOOKING FB 
Mirus / DJ / Webmaster
BIO: DJ Mirus comes from the north of the Czech Republic. He has been active in the club scene since 2010. He is the resident Dj at the Club Ponorka and Club Raketa. Since 2014 he is cooperation with recording company Ex-tract Records. He represents musical style of Minimal combined with Techno. As a promoter and DJ he is organizing underground parties named „Deep dance night“ in the private club „Bunker“, which was previously used as a bomb shelter. He also organizes regular parties named „Technologic“, „Euphory Night“ and „FM night“ since 2013, which hosting the best Czech djs and producers, for example: Tráva, Quickie, Mountain, Pavel Krejdl, Pietro, Home, Molczik, Daho, Vasquez, Loutka, Ladida and anothers. Now he decided to producing and performing in live shows.
Thcz / DJ / Podcast manager

BIO: Own name Martin Černý. He started to Djing as a teenager. Since 2001, he played on birthday parties. Since 2010 he became to part of the Dj crew „Graviti“ in Ústí nad Labem where he had a reqular night called „Save the Music“. With the Gravity Djs crew he rides on a tour of the North Czech Republic, Praque, Kladno etc. In 2013 he was approached by the oweners of the Label Ex-tract Records who asked him about cooperation. Label chose him for his DJ skills and love for techno. Today is a member of the Czech techno label Ex-tract Records, where he is involved in the creation of a podcast on the famous NetRadio DI.FM where the Ex-tract Records braodcast every Monday, after Chris Liebing podcast, The podcast called „X-tract Podcast Night“. In 2014 become a finalist Digital Vestax battle where was successful and the jury praised for his performance. He is a resident of musical project KOOLTOUR MIX. TThcz play techno in all his styles, He also play styles like tech house, house or minimal. Sometimes when he play DnB use nickname „Asymmetric“.

Hear he could be eg.:

Ústí nad Labem – Saturnin / Orange / Home / Comic / Fox Afterbar / Cafe Alibi / Emco / cultural center /
Most – Rocket Club /
Teplice – Nexo / Alex Bar / Dublin /
Liberec – Experiment /
Decin – S-Club /
Prague – Pekelnej Bar / Zoo Bar / Le Mirage / Festia
Kladno – BPM Bar / BPM.TV /

Along side: PlanetMonk (DE) Soundmozaik (DE), Grass, Orbith, Quickie, THC, Beda, Kifl, Finidi, P-Jay, Mark Evil, Ronica,
Golpe, TGT, Chris Sadler, Enrico, Brian, etc.

Foxx / DJ / Founder
DJ Foxx (Roman Šumbera) cames from Velké Opatovice. From the young age he was interested in electronic music, specifically DnB. But DnB was just a step to straight beats which he like more and more at various festivals, for example Hradhouse event which was popular in Boskovice. This conception of music absolutely absorbed him. In early 2012 he began to play in Trix club at Brno and from techno listener he becomes a Dj and producer .. Few experiences and lots of help gives and learned him DJ Yareck. In Brno, he gained experience from DJ Warphil and join with the booking „Soudfactory“. Together with DJ Warphil he became addicted to the Swedish style of techno „Drumcode“ and started play this style in Brno clubs. In 2013 he won the contest for the party called „Startech“ where he played on the same stage as Jason Little and Du’art.. In this year he began to make parties „Enjoy the ride“ in club Arogant at Brno, organized by Jan Willert, next talented DJ and producer.. Furthermore, he played at events like: Christmas zone, ALL IN, Exclusive stately open air, Elektribe and etc. Now he is focused to the production for the label Ex-tract Records and with this label he created a new party in Perpetuum club at Brno.








Tel.: +420 702 050 368

E-mail.: foxxsss550@gmail.com